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Ralph Long, Ph.D.
Provost and Vice President, Dayspring Christian University

A Message from our Provost


To Those of You considering Dayspring Christian University...


Greetings! It is a stirring of Your inner sanctum, that, of The Holy Spirit which has you looking... seeking, considering a furtherance of Your Education in Christ’s Army of Champions here, on this University Planet we call Earth...


You have come a long way...


You have far, to go... And, to enable You to best carry on Christ’s Way... His Plan for You, it is imperative that You receive the Education most Rudimentary and most closely akin to His Word.


Christ, has brought You thus far... He has brought You to the point wherein His Way is truly of an “affordable” nature....


It is time now, for You to make that Life Definitive Decision... I Pray that You will receive His Will in Your Life. It is of extreme import to You, to Him, and to Us...


We, here at the University, have already made such...



           We have never...

                                      ...regretted doing so....


            In fact... His path... His Way... His Education... His Grace...




                Sweeter, Richer, Fuller.... Every Day!!!


Join His Team!!! Join Us!!! We have His Weapons here, for You to acquire... You will need them!!! They will serve You well!!!


          Victory, is not even of the questionable nature... It is... Inevitable!!!




                             a man… after God’s Own Heart...


                             Ralph Long, Ph.D.

                             Provost of the University


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Diploma of Biblical Studies & Ministry

Associate of Ministry

Master of Ministry

Master of Christian Therapy

Master of Biblical Psychology

Master of Theology

Master of Christian Education


Doctor of Christian Therapy

Doctor of Biblical Psychology

Doctor of Theology

Doctor of Christian Education

Thesis and Disertation

The Courses of study include required courses, but do not necessarily reflect total hours because of applied life, ministry and transfer credits. Electives may be chosen by DCU and/or the student to satisfy the additional needed credits.

The Masters and Doctoral Thesis, Dissertation and Case Studies:


You are required as a non-resident student to submit to Dayspring Christian University, to the attention of the Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation Committee, a detailed proposal of your thesis, dissertation or case study. The proposal shall include the style manual you intend to use (from below). You will be notified as to the status of your request. No dissertation will be accepted without prior approval of the Committee.


1. Your work must be judged worthy of commercial publication by the Thesis and Dissertation Committee.

2. It must be submitted in duplicate if you wish a copy. DCU will retain a copy.
3. It must be bound. Your name should be embossed on the cover.

Guidelines for writing the dissertation

1. Write a minimum of 37,500 words - About 150 pages

2. Reflect at least 60 cited works.

3. It will include:

a. Table of Contents

b. Introduction

c. Bibliography

4. A student may use, How to Develop a Thesis, provided by DCU when the

 he/she is   ready to complete his/her Thesis or Dissertation


The letter prefix before course numbers indicates the nature of the course:

BCT, BTH, BCM, Bachelor Level Studies

MCT MTH, MCM, Masters Level Studies

DCT, DTH, DCM, Doctoral Level Studies


PSY  All Psychology Studies

BIB   All Bible Studies


Other letter prefixes may be used ath the Institute's and University's discretion




Dayspring Christian University

General Undergraduate Studies


Diploma in Biblical Studies and Ministry

(30 credit hours)

Associate of Ministry, A.Min.

(60 credit hours)

Bachelor of Ministry, B.Min.

( A.Min. + 60 hours or 120 credit hours)


Below are Degree Programs for those in the Evangelical Christian Church and other Fellowships and Denominations. DCU is the official University of the Evangelical Christian Church.


Master of Ministry, M.Min.

(B.Min or equivalent + 42 credit hours)

Master of Theology, M.Th.

(B.Min or equivalent + 42 credit hours)

Master of Spiritual Direction

(B.Min or equivalent + 42 credit hours)


Doctor of Ministry, D.Min

(M.Min or equivalent + 39 credit hours)

Doctor of Theology, D.Th.

(M.Th or equivalent + 39 credit hours)

Doctor of Spiritual Direction

(M.Min, M.Th or equivalent + 44 credit hours)


The University is also the official educational arm of the

American Association of Christian Therapists.


Master of Christian Therapy, M.C.T.

(B.Min or equivalent + 42 Credit hours)

Doctor of Christian Therapy, D.C.T.

(M.C.T. or equivalent+ 44 credit hours)

Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Therapy

(M.C.T. or equivalent+ 57 credit hours)


Master of Biblical Psychology Psy.M.

(B.Min or equivalent + 42 credit hours, 500 hour practicum)

Doctor of Biblical Psychology, Psy.D.

(M.C.T., Psy.M. or equivalent + 44 credit hours)

Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Psychology

(M.C.T., Psy.M. or equivalent + 57 credit hours)



Master of Christian Life Coaching C.L.C.M.

(B.Min or equivalent + 42 credit hours)

Doctor of Christian Life Coaching C.L.C.D.

(M.C.T., Psy.M. or equivalent + 44 credit hours)

Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Life Coaching

(M.C.T., Psy.M. or equivalent + 57 credit hours)



Master of Biblical Psychotherapy B.P.M.

(B.Min or equivalent + 42 credit hours)

Doctor of Biblical Psychotherapy B.P.D.

(M.C.T., Psy.M. or equivalent + 44 credit hours)

Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Psychotherapy

(M.C.T., Psy.M. or equivalent + 57 credit hours)



Dayspring Christian University is the external Studies division of The AACT and is associated with Ft. Lauderdale through a teaching center located in Florida and Lagos Nigeria. The University has recently become a registered School in the State of Louisiana, in St. Francisville.  Much of the work of the University is done at the AACT headquarters in Brookhaven, Mississippi. At this time the Univeristy is part of a grand consortium that graduates students at the Ft. Lauderdale Campus each year in June. Degrees may be obtained from the University without one being a member of AACT



The following areas of specialization with the listed courses are offered through DCU. They are offered to help meet the requirements for annual certification in AACT or other Counseling and Therapy Associations.

Christocentric Redirectional Intervention

Christocentric Redirectional Intervention is a method of counseling offered by DCU through Seminars and Examination. This will be taught in major cities by Dr. Gary Barkman or other designated Christian/Pastoral Counselors/Therapists. The qualified Student will receive a certificate that certifies one in Christocentric Redirectional Intervention. Tuition Costs are dependent on location of each Seminar.

Crisis and Abuse Therapy

Counseling the Depressed II DCT 551 3 credits
Counseling the Suicidal/Teen Suicide DCT 552 3 credits
Spiritual Gifts in Crisis
Counseling DCT 553 3 credits
Abuse Therapy DCT 555
3 credits
Using the DSM (IV) II DCT 556 4 Credits

Family Relationship Therapy

Family Systems Therapy DCT 571 3 credits
Family and Marriage Counseling DCT 572 3 credits
Divorce, Remarriage, and Blended Family DCT 573 3 credits
Sexual Dysfunction and Abuse DCT 574 3 credits
Using the DSM (IV) II DCT 556 4 credits

Adolescent Counseling and Therapy

Counseling of Children DCT 650 3 credits
Counseling the Adolescent DCT 651 3 credits
Chemical Dependency and Addiction DCT 652 3 credits
Anger Management DCT 653 3 credits
Using the DSM (IV) II DCT 556 4 credits

Persons who complete all courses in one area will be given a Certificate of Completion for specialized Christian counseling and therapy. All courses, those offered for certification and those offered for Continuing Education are $199.00 each. Additional costs may be incurred if audio or video tapes are selected.