Master's Degrees

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Master of Christian Therapy

Master of Ministry

Master of Theology

Master of Christian Education

Life and Ministry Credit are given only at the Bachelor level.  Transfer Credits will be determined on a per student basis as 20 credits must be taken from The Institute of Theology & Christian Therapy.  At least 20 hours must be taken in the Degree emphasis courses




MCT300 Life of Christ II MCT - 4 credit hours
MCT301 Understanding the Old Testament - 4 credit hours
MCT302 Old Testament Theology - 3 credit hours
MCT304 New Testament Theology  - 3 Credit hours
MCT305 Pneumatology (Ministry of the Holy Spirit) - 3 credit hours


MCT350 Crises Counseling - 3 credit hours
MCT351 Revealing Gods Presence - 3 credit hours
MCT352 Play Therapy - 3 credit hours
MCT353 Counseling those who are Depressed - 3 credit hours
MCT354 Premarital & Marriage Counseling - 3 credit hours
MCT355 Using the DSM (IV) I - 4 credit hours

MCT401 Guilt, forgiveness, Grace - 3 credit hours
MCT402 Addressing the past - 3 credit hours
MCT403 Family Counseling - 3 credit hours
MCT404 Blended Families I - 3 credit hours
MCT405 Addiction, Sexual Disorders, Substance Abuse and the Christian - 4 credit hours
MCT450 Case Study - 6 credit hours




MIN501 Biblical Foundations for the Practice of Ministry – 3 credit hours
MIN507 Biblical Preaching in Today's World – 3 credit hours
MIN509 Christian Worship – 3 Credit Hours
MIN511 Contemporary Approaches to Preaching – 3 credit hours

MIN513 The Pastor as a Person – 3 credit hours
MIN515 Spiritual Formation – 3 credit hours
MIN517 Ethical Issues in Ministry – 3 credit hours

MIN519 Evangelism and Renewal in the Local Church – 3 credit hours

MIN521 Small Groups – 3 credit hours

MIN523 Life Management and Personal Renewal – 3 credit hours

MIN525 Understanding Refocusing – 3 credit hours

MIN527 Survey of Church History – 3 credit hours

MIN529 Philosophy of Ministry – 3 credit hours

MIN531 Studies in the History of Preaching – 3 credit hours

MIN533 Classic Mission Literature – 3 credit hours

MIN535 Contemporary World Mission – 3 credit hours


MIN541 Strategies of Multi-cultural Ministry – 3 credit hours

MIN545 Leadership in the Local Church – 3 credit hours

MIN547 The Pastor as Leader – 3 credit hours
MIN553 Church Growth
– 3 credit hours
MIN557 Conflict Management
– 3 credit hours
MIN561 Managing the Church
– 3 credit hours
MIN567 Multiple Staff in the Church
– 3 credit hours

MIN573 Organizational Communication – 3 credit hours

MIN 577 Building a Church Action Plan – 3 credit hours

MIN 579 Building Outreach and Discipleship Strategies – 3 credit hours

MIN 583 Leading a Church Strategic Plan – 3 credit hours

MIN 589 Planting/Parenting Strong New Churches – 3 credit hours




MTH502 A Biblical Theology of Ministry – 3 credit hours
MTH506 Contemporary Theological Issues – 3 credit hours
MTH508 The Doctrine of Holiness and the Preaching Program – 3 credit hours

MTH512 Theology of Ministry  - 4 credit hours

MTH516 Theology of Ministry II – 4 credit hours

MTH518 Systematic Theology – 4 credit hours

MTH522 Systematic Theology II – 4 credit hours

MTH526 Theology of the Lutheran Reformation – 3 credit hours

MTH528 Calvinistic Theology – 3 credit hours


MTH530 Incarnational and Trinitarian Doctrine – 3 credit hours

MTH532 Research Course: Systematic Theology – 5 credit hours

MTH538 Johannine Theology – 3 credit hours

MTH542 Pauline Theology – 3 credit hours

MTH544 Armenian Theology – 3 credit hours

MTH546 Readings in Old Testament Theology – 3 credit hours

MTH548 Puritanism and Orthodoxy – 3 credit hours

MTH552 Theology of the Holy Spirit – 3 credit hours

MTH556 Speaking in Tongues – 3 credit hours

MTH 562 End of Days Theology – 3 credit hours




MCE5113 Research Literature and Technology – 3 credit hours
MCE5243 Differentiated Learning Strategies – 3 credit hours           
MCE5613 Teaching Students of Diverse Cultures – 3 credit hours
MCE5713 Studies in Church Classroom Management – 3 credit hours
MCE5323 Christian Educational Leadership and Supervision – 3 credit hours
MCE5423 Christian School Administration Finance and Legal Issues – 3 credit hours

MCE5523 Foundations of Christian School Administration – 3 credit hours

MCE5323 Biblical Servant Leadership – 3 credit hours

MCE6301 Introduction to Christian Education – 3 credit hours
MCE6303 Spiritual Formation and Worship – 3 credit hours
MCE6304 Philosophy and Principles of Christian Education – 3 credit hours
MCE6305 Christian Education History and Heritage – 3 credit hours
MCE6307 Church and Business Administration – 3 credit hours
MCE6308 Evangelism, Missions, and Growth Through Education Ministry – 3 credit hours      
MCE6309 Developing Lay Leaders in the Church – 3 credit hours
MCE6310 Church Staff and Member Relations Practicum  - 5 credit hours


Additional Requirement

Students who have not completed twenty-four hours of Bible/Theology at the undergraduate level will be required to take BIB 677 Biblical Hermeneutics and MTH502 A Biblical Theology of Ministry. Regardless of the number of Bible/Theology hours previously earned, any student who has not taken a course in hermeneutics must take BIB677 Biblical Hermeneutics. Students who have met these Bible requirements may take elective courses that have been approved by the Graduate Education Chair




BIB603 Septuagintal Studies – 3 credit hours

BIB607 Biblical Interpretation in the 16th and 17th Centuries - – 3 credit hours

BIB611 Biblical Aramaic – 3 credit hours

BIB615 Understanding the Old Testament – 3 credit hours

BIB617 The Use of the Old Testament in the New – 3 credit hours

BIB621 Current Issues in OT Studies – 3 credit hours

BIB627 Methods of Old Testament Interpretation – 3 credit hours

BIB631 Research Course: Old Testament – 3 credit hours

BIB635 The Art of Hebrew Poetry – 3 credit hours

BIB639 The Song of Songs – 3 credit hours


BIB643 Biblical Exegesis for Preaching-Selected Old Testament topics – 3 credit hours

BIB645 Current Issues in NT Studies – 3 credit hours

BIB653 The Letter to the Ephesians – 3 credit hours

BIB657 Research Course: New Testament – 3 credit hours

BIB663 Gospels/Life of Christ – 3 credit hours

BIB667 Biblical Exegesis for Preaching-Selected New Testament topics – 3 credit hours

BIB671 Biblical Studies and Research Methodology – 3 credit hours

BIB677 Hermeneutics – 3 credit hours

BIB681 The “Oneness” Doctrine – 3 credit hours