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Here is where we will highlight key classes and strengths
in our academic program.

The following classifications apply to enrolled undergraduate students who have completed the appropriate number of semester hours of study and have maintained a grade point average of 2.00 or above:

Freshman - Less than 30 semester hours

Sophomore - 30 to 60 semester hours

Junior - 30 to 60 hours (diploma program)
- 60 to 89 hours (degree program)

Senior - 60 or above hours (diploma program)
- above 90 hours (degree program)


Graduation Requirements:

All students must be enrolled, take no less than twenty (20) credits at the University, and successfully complete their course of study in order to be eligible for graduation.

Graduation exercises are held annually. In order to graduate, students must:

Apply to graduate.

Fulfill the course requirements for specified program. 

Maintain a grade point average of at least 2.0.

Satisfy all financial obligations to the college or arrange for their payment with the Business Office two (2) weeks preceding commencement.

Graduation Applications

Graduation applications can be obtained at the campus in Louisiana, offices of the University Resource Center or any Consortium Teaching Center. The application must be submitted before March 15th of the same year. A fee of $95 helps to partially cover gowns and other special arrangements. Diplomas and transcripts will not be issued to any student until all bills are paid in full. This policy includes all tuition, fees, and other costs incurred while attending DCU.


Confidentiality Of Student Records

Dayspring Christian University practices are in full voluntary compliance with the Family Rights and Privacy Act (Buckley Amendment). For details concerning the handling of student files and policies concerning student record review, please consult the Registrar.

Regional and National Accreditation 

Dayspring Christian University is now a registered non-profit education facility in the State of Louisiana where the main campus is located.


Dayspring Christian University has applied for and received accredition with the "Worldwide Accrediting Commission of Christian Educational Institutions."

DCU is a member of the Association of Biblical Accountability in Education.  The American Association of Christian Therapists lists DCU as an “Accredited Academic Institution.”

The University is in concert with several other similar religious institutions (forming a consortium of schools) to better enable students to transfer credits and seek extra course work through sister institutions.

The Board of Regents of Dayspring Christian University states that the quality of courses offered to students through the University helps to show the credibility of the institution.  A copy of one of our syllabi is available upon request. 

It has also been established that Dayspring Christian University a religious institution, does not offer degree programs customarily offered at secular colleges and universities.



NOTE: - Certification Creditability

The AACT's certification program does not qualify one for a state license nor is it to be confused with any state license. Most states have various laws that require a regionally accredited Masters or Doctors degree before one may be certified by the state. AACT certification is provided for those who are called by the Lord into a ministry of counseling.





Grade points are computed on a 4-point scale as follows:

A = 4.0 Grade points C = 2.0 Grade points
A- = 3.7           C- = 1.7
B+ = 3.3          D+ = 1.3
B = 3.0            D = 1.0
B- = 2.7           D- = 0.7
C+ = 2.3          F = 0.0

There may be occasion to use the grade of P (passed) or F (failed). The numerical value of P is 4.0, while F remains at 0.0. The Numerical Value of each letter grade may vary in some courses. Grade Report forms, which are maintained by the College and sent to each student, are composed as soon as possible following the end of each class. Students placed on D and F lists are notified.

Work for any class in a given subject is evaluated by instructors according to the following letter grades:

A Excellent
100-90 Outstanding accomplishment in mastering the objectives of the subject.

B Very Good
89-80 Better than average accomplishment in mastering the objectives of the subject.

C Satisfactory 79-70 Minimally fulfills requirements and has made nominal progress toward mastering the objectives of the subject.

D Passing
69-60 Deficient in some respects, but meets minimum standards for obtaining credit for mastering the objectives of subject.

F Failure
Falls below the minimum standards of accomplishment. Course must be repeated or the objectives not mastered but required must be repeated to obtain credit.

WP Withdraw
Passing Withdraw from course with permission through proper college procedure. This mark is not calculated into grade point average.

WF Withdraw
Failing Mark given when the student is withdrawn by the instructor as failing, such as for a "no-show". This mark is calculated into the grade point average.

IN Incomplete Available through instructor only if at least 85% of assigned work for the course is complete and written request is received according to the procedure for incomplete work.


Students are encouraged to put forth their best efforts toward scholastic excellence. After a student completes 12 or more credit hours and earning a grade-point average of 3.7 or more will be included in the Presidents List. A student completing 12 or more credit hours and earning a GPA of 3.0 or more, but less than 3.7, will be included in the Deans List.

A student graduating with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or more will receive recognition as follows:

3.0 With Honor
3.7 With High Honor
4.0 With Highest Honor

Attempt is made to keep in touch with the academic progress of each student and help each to do the best work of which he or she is capable. Students, however, are ultimately responsible for their academic standing and knowledge of program and degree requirements.

Deans List

Students who have taken 12 or more credits who have earned a grade point average of 3.0 to 3.7 are listed each semester on the Deans List

President's List

Students who have taken 12 or more credits who have earned a grade point average of 3.7 and above are listed each semester on the Presidents List.

Graduation Honors

Every year at graduation, awards are given for outstanding leadership in the Christian counseling community. Those graduating with a grade point average of 4.0 will graduate with highest honors. Those graduating with 3.7 to 3.9 graduate with high honors. Students graduating with grade point averages of 3.0 to 3.7 graduate with honors.


    The world is changing; education should too.

We are pioneering new approaches to help you learn better.

Write to us at: 

The University Processing/Resource Center
P.O. Box 3634
Brookhaven, MS 39603-7634