DCU & AACT Award Certification

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Greetings in the Lord’s Name Brothers and Sisters on Facebook. 


The American Association of Christian Therapists and Dayspring University has agreed on a joint venture that hopefully will make your counseling more recognized at a lower expense.  Dayspring Christian University is reopening a school under the first name the ministry used for our first school in 2002.  This award will be under the heading of “The International College of Christian Therapy.” AACT’s “Dayspring International Leadership Network” will also be a part of this consolidation. This will bring several key leaders together from both organizations to supervise this exciting venture.


The two organizations listed have come together to offer an award certificate indicating your certification or license.  The award is based on your previous education and/or experience.  The Award is different than being certified or licensed with the AACT in that there is no renewal fee.  An Award is given for life.


After seeing the picture of the diploma on Facebook… if you are interested please contact the headquarters office in Brookhaven, Mississippi.  601-833-4559 Here are the particulars.


One fee for life, $125.00 … Payment in advance … Call the AACT phone number and speak to Dwana and allow her to receive your one-time payment. 


Need transcript for record of study or a statement of experience. Should have at least a Bachelor’s degree or 10 year’s counseling experience.


Need a reference letter from someone who has known you for at least 3 years.


Need a background check… (Can usually be gotten from your local police dept.… or can be from an online company.)


We believe the following quote from the AACT web page sums this up very well:


“Why be certified? The public demands it. The Christian public has a right to require some level of training or proficiency, or at least to know a person has been trained properly if he/she has a wall document that reads Professional, Certified, or Licensed. To some extent the word Certified doesn't eliminate some of the questionable practices in our Christian counseling ranks today, but with the high standards of the AACT we have a good beginning.”

“The AACT does not compete with state licensing. In fact we recommend that you pursue state licensing. We do however offer an alternative for those "Pastors" and other Ministers who choose to make counseling their "ministry" and cannot for some reason pursue state licensing.”


Following are the usual areas that the AACT certifies with their pricing... Other "specialist" may also be available...Remember for this special one time award certification your cost is only $125.00 USD.

Special Trained non-degree and Bachelor’s Level Certification

AACT now offers special training for those who do not have a degree. If you take special training through several of our AACT members who teach (Call or write AACT for details), or have special training through an approved teacher, or have a Bachelor’s degree in counseling you may apply for certification at this level.


(Requires AACT approved special training or Bachelor’s Degree)


Graduate and Post Graduate Certification and License


If you hold a Master's or a Doctoral Degree we will certify you at this level. This level is for Pastor’s and Christian members who work occasionally in the counseling field but have an equal load of other ministerial duties, as well as Pastors and other Christian workers who have counseling and therapy as their main ministry.



(Circle your choices or receive “Pastoral” and “Therapist) - $159.00



(Circle your choices or receive “Pastoral” and “Therapist) - $159.00


LICENSED PROFESSIONAL (PASTORAL) (CHRISTIAN) COUNSELOR/THERAPIST (Circle your choices or receive "Pastoral" and "Therapist) - $169.00  



(Circle your choices or receive “Pastoral” and “Therapist) – $169.00



(Circle your choices or receive “Pastoral” and “Therapist) – $169.00


The AACT will grant “Diplomate” status to any graduate level License for an additional fee of only $75.00. Please read the definition of “Diplomate” on this webpage. We have added the status of "Fellow" for only $65.00.  You may also read the definition of "fellow."


Please see registration fees for Domestic Violence Certification and License, and for Christian Life coach on other pages of the AACT  website. If you have questions please call the office at 601-833-4559 or Dr. Barkman’s cell at 601-320-4171.


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