Doctoral Degrees

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Doctor of Christian Therapy

Doctor of Theology

Doctor of Christian Education 


Life Credit is only given at the Bachelor Level   Transfer Credits are considered on a per student basis as 20 credits must be taken from The Instute of Theology & Christian Therapy.



DCT500 Exegesis II (New Testament) - 4 credit hourss
DCT501 Romans - 3 credit hours
DCT502 Recovering from Grief  - 3 credit hours 
DCT503 Hermeneutics II - 3 credit hours



DCT505 Personality theories - 3 credit hourss
DCT506 Law for the Christian Counselor - 3 credit hours
DCT507 Setting up a Counseling Center - 4 credit hours
DCT551 Counseling the Depressed II - 3 credit hours
DCT552 Counseling the Suicidal/Teen Suicide - 3 credit hours
DCT553 Spiritual Gifts in Crisis Counseling - 3 credit hours
DCT554 Advanced Child/Adolescence Therapy - 3 credit hours
DCT555 Abuse Therapy - 3 credit hours
DCT556 Using the DSM (IV) II - 4 credit hours

DCT571 Family Systems Therapy – credit hours 
DCT572 Family and Marriage Counseling - 3 credit hours
DCT573 Divorce, Remarriage, and Blended Family - 3 credit hours 
DCT574 Sexual Dysfunction and Abuse - 3 credit hours 
DCT590 Case Study - 6 credit hours  




DCE8505 Work of the Christian Educator – 3 credit hours
DCE8605 Seminar in Leadership and Mentoring in the Local Church – 3 credit hours

DCE8606 Spiritual Formation – 3 credit hours
DCE8609 Biblical Models of Education – 3 credit hours
DCE8610 Teaching in the Church – 3 credit hours

DCE8711 Curriculum Survey – 3 credit hours
DCE8712 Education Practicum – 4 credit hours
DCE8713 History and Philosophy of Christian Education – 3 credit hours
DCE8714 Current Issues of Christian Education – 3 credit hours
DCE8712 Basic Pastoral Counseling – 3 credit hours

DCE8800 Trinitarianism – 3 credit hours

DCE8000 General/ Elective – 9 credit hours (2 to 3 courses)
DCE9100 The dissertation – 6 credit hours

DCE9300 The Field Project – 6 credit hours

DCE9700  Bible /Elective Component – 6 credit hours




DTH701 Contemporary Theology I – 3 credit hours

DTH705 The Doctrine of Man and Sin – 3 credit hours

DTH709 The Doctrine of Salvation – 3 credit hours

DTH711 The Doctrine of the Trinity – 3 credit hours

DTH717 Contemporary Theology II – 3 credit hours


DTH719 Christian Ethics – 3 credit hours

DTH723 Apologetics – 3 credit hours

DTH727 Christian World View – 3 credit hours

DTH731 Theology of Jonathan Edwards – 3 credit hours

DTH735 Theology and Martin Luther – 3 credit hours

DTH739 Theology of the Charismatic Movement – 3 credit hours

DTH741 Augustine and Medieval Theology – 3 credit hours

DTH745 The Christian Life - An Evangelical Spiritual Theology – 3 credit hours


DTH749 Theologies and Liberation – 3 credit hours

DTH753 African Theology and Religions – 3 credit hours

DTH763 The Christian & Old Testament Theology – 3 credit hours

DTH765 The Christian and New Testament Theology – 3 credit hours

DTH771 Theology of Daniel and Revelation – 3 credit hours

DTH775 History of Christian Theology – 3 credit hours

DTH783 Systematic Theology III – 3 credit hours

DTH785 Systematic Theology IV – 3 credit hours


A Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Therapy, Christian Education and Theology is available for 9 more hours above the DCT, DCE and the DTh degrees.  If you are interested in a PhD please write and or call the office.