Doctoral Level

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Detailed description of all Doctoral level courses are listed here.  Not all courses offered are listed as of December 1, 2004.  This page is still under construction.

Doctoral Level
Exegesis II (New Testament) DCT 500 4 credits
One learns methods of exposition, critical analysis, and interpretation of the New Testament.

Romans DCT 501 3 credits
Romans is read and examined analytically, textually, contextually, doctrinally, homiletically and practically. The writing is read and studied for its messages and contribution to the church from past to the present time.

Recovering from Grief DCT 502 3 credits
Grief and loss are not approached properly in the American culture. Many wish to speed up this process because of discomfort in dealing with the situation of long term grief. This study assists the Pastoral and other counselors to properly deal with a subject that many neglect.

Hermeneutics II DCT 503 3 credits
This course continues to examine the history of hermeneutical lessons of church history and their resultant biblically-oriented principles and methods, supported by positive illustration and examples of misreading and misinterpretation. Students receive practice in proper habits of Bible reading and study, interpretation, and the use of proper reference, linguistic, and contextual tools.

Personality theories DCT 505 3 credits
A study of different theories on how and why personality characteristics are formed and how they can be reformed.

Law for the Christian Counselor DCT 506 - 3 credits
Innocence is no excuse. When one claims to be a professional he or she is responsible. Learn the legal issues of giving advice, information, disclosure and confidentially. Know the social trends of legal liability, privacy rights of minors, clergy malpractice, insurance, the law and litigation.

Setting up a Counseling Center DCT 507 - 4 credits
Develop and structure your counseling business. Learn how to maximize the market at a minimal cost. Set goals, budget your time & finances. Learn about counseling ethics, taxes and the law.

Counseling the Depressed II DCT 551 3 credits
This study probes deeper into the battle of depression. How can Christians effectively cope with this silent but deadly killer? This course continues with help to offer encouragement and a positive outlook that can assist any client in recovery and to have wonderful peace.

Counseling the Suicidal/Teen Suicide DCT 552 3 credits
The purpose of this course is to provide the student with greater understanding of the causes and the effects of suicide. Furthermore, this course emphasizes the tragedy of suicide among adolescents, and describes symptoms of the underlying problems which may lead them to make an attempt on their own life. The information provided in this course will help to prepare the counselor to work with potential suicide victims, their families and their extended families

Spiritual Gifts in Crisis Counseling DCT 553 3 credits
A course designed to help the student distinguish the importance of counseling in his/her own particular ministry. The student will learn techniques of counseling through the Spirit. Emphasis will be placed on the use Biblical principles in counseling with direct application to a variety of counseling situations. An examination of major stress and points from birth to death. Attention is given to pragmatic and therapeutic responses to crisis points.

Advanced Child/Adolescence Therapy DCT 554 3 credits
This course presents first the outlay of techniques to help youth to understand and resolve many of the conflicts they experience, and second, the preventative steps of personal investment that families may take to enable youth to progress toward maturity. Reviews the purpose, design, and utilization of measurements to appraise a child's aptitude and achievement. Students also develop the ability to design their own tests and the means to evaluate test results.

Abuse Therapy DCT 555 3 credits
Untold millions have been abused by someone they love or should have been able to trust. The effects are staggering and the healing path is a journey that is possible in Christ. Most however suffer throughout their entire lives. This course will help you understand the nature, extent and effects of all types of abuse. Guidelines and steps for healing are presented.

Using the DSM (IV) II DCT 556 4 credits
The DSM (IV) will here be used to complete various case studies presented to the Student. By the end of this course the student will have read in its entirety the DSM (IV).

Family Systems Therapy DCT 571 3 credits
A continuation of recognizing dysfunctional families. A continuation of study in family systems which offers steps to overcome unhealthy patterns in your parishioners or clients lives. (One thesis required for D.C.T.; a second thesis is required for Ph.D. in Christian Therapy; 1 credit for each thesis).

Family and Marriage Counseling DCT 572 3 credits
The dynamics and biblical foundation of marriage and family and the relationship between the local church and the married are explored. Students examine the contrast between changing social morals and the lasting principles of the Word of God on parenting, kinship, single life, dating, premarital protocol, engagement, marriage adjustments, also crises and transitions in marriage. Students learn techniques of counseling and aid for unwed mothers. (One thesis required for D.C.T.; a second thesis is required for Ph.D. in Christian Therapy; 1 credit for each thesis).

Divorce, Remarriage, and Blended Family DCT 573 3 credits
Additional studies on the subject of step-families and step-parenting. The student will learn how a stepfather or stepmother can better cope with stepchildren. Here also we will discuss the troubles a child has conforming to the new family. A video from a stepfather and stepdaughter is available. (One thesis required for D.C.T.; a second thesis is required for Ph.D. in Christian Therapy; 1 credit for each thesis).

Sexual Dysfunction and Abuse DCT 574 3 credits
This study discusses sexual issues that cause the most difficulty in the lives of believers. One reason they are so difficult is that people are afraid to openly discuss and confront them those secret areas that destroy their lives of the believer and those she or he loves. This will help you understand these issues, recognize them when you are counseling, and how not to get trapped in them when helping others. (One thesis required for D.C.T.; a second thesis is required for Ph.D. in Christian Therapy; 1 credit for each thesis).

Case Study DCT 590 6 credits
This course offers a comprehensive guide which contains hard-hitting, relevant information on a wide variety of personal issues. There is case histories followed by a discussion of the causes and effects of the problem, a biblical perspective, and the suggested response. (required with thesis summarizing case study for Ph.D. in Christian Therapy; 2 credits for summary).