Master's Level

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Detailed description of all Master's level courses are listed here.  Not all courses offered are listed as of December 1, 2004.  This page is still under construction.

Master's Level

Life of Christ II MCT 300 4 credits
A continuation with more depth than the first study. The first four books of the New Testament are examined according to their history, relevance, life, teaching and offering of Jesus Christ.

Understanding the Old Testament MCT 301 4 credits
This survey focuses first on prominent events in the overall view of the Old Testament, such as creation, the fall of man, and the history of the covenant people and the prophets. The survey presents it in its geographical, cultural and historical context. Students obtain a growing proficiency in awareness of the content and value of the Old Testament contribution and literature. This study is a continuation of the survey course offered at the Bachelors level but is a more in depth study.

Old Testament Theology MCT 302 3 credits
The course covers doctrines of the Old Testament such as, the Scriptures, the attributes of God, angels, Satan, origin and nature of sin and nature and work of God

New Testament Theology MCT 303 3 Credits
This course is a continuation of the doctrines in the New Testament such as, atonement, salvation, justification, fruits and gifts of the Spirit, the Church, the resurrection and the last things.

Pneumatology (Ministry of the Holy Spirit) MCT 304 3 credits
An in-depth study of the person, work, ministry, and gift of the Holy spirit in both the Old and New Testaments.

English II (Creative Writing) MCT 305 3 credits
Students receive college-level review of the essentials of paragraph introduction, outlining, and orderly completion by a variety of accepted methods.

Crises Counseling MCT 350 3 credits
An examination of major stress and points from birth to death. Attention is given to pragmatic and therapeutic responses to crisis points.

Revealing Gods Presence MCT 351 3 credits
Before one can provide effective counseling that is Biblically based and Centered on Christ, one must first understand how the Awesome power of God can manifest in the counseling situation. In this course one will learn to value and rely on the power and presence of God while counseling.

Child/Adolescent Therapy III MCT 352 3 credits
Reviews the purpose, design, and utilization of measurements to appraise a child's aptitude and achievement. Students also develop the ability to design their own tests and the means to evaluate test results.

Counseling those who are Depressed MCT 353 3 credits
Depression can gradually become a part of our lives without any warning before it strikes. It can cause one to become utterly helpless. How does depression affect our congregants? How can Christians effectively cope with this silent but deadly killer? This course will help offer encouragement and a positive outlook that can assist any church member to recover and gain that wonderful peace.

Premarital & Marriage Counseling MCT 354 3 credits
The dynamics and biblical foundation of marriage and family and the relationship between the local church and the married are explored. Students examine the contrast between changing social morals and the lasting principles of the Word of God on parenting, kinship, single life, dating, premarital protocol, engagement, marriage adjustments, also crises and transitions in marriage. Students learn techniques of counseling and aid for unwed mothers.

Using the DSM (IV) I MCT 355 4 credits
Here we have a continuation of learning from the manual of diagnosis. A student will here write papers on certain assigned diagnosis. Also involves further reading of the manual.

Guilt, forgiveness, Grace MCT 401 3 credits
The effects of guilt in an individuals life can become an overwhelming obstacle to building relationships. It has physical, emotional and spiritual implications in the life of the one who hasnt properly dealt with wrongdoing. Issues of denial and effects on relationships are discussed as well as solutions to helping people overcome guilt-ridden lives.

Addressing the past MCT 402 3 credits
How do you recognize dysfunctional families? The bible states that the sins of the fathers are passed down from one generation to the next. How do we help persons stop the pattern of destruction. Here is an introduction to family systems and offers steps to overcome unhealthy patterns in your congregations or clients lives.

Family Counseling MCT 403 3 credits
In co-dependent situations, it is often impossible to effectively counsel a single member of a dysfunctional family. Counseling families equips the counselor for mediation and individual counseling of family members.

Blended Families I MCT 404 3 credits
Many families are broken and new ones born. The student will learn how a stepfather or stepmother can better cope with stepchildren. Here also we will discuss the troubles a child has conforming to the new family. A video from a stepfather and stepdaughter is available.

Addiction, Sexual Disorders, Substance Abuse and the Christian MCT 405 4 credits
Many probably know someone who hides a shameful sexual addiction. Substance Abuse also carries many negatives for any family. Many who suffer from addiction often cause there to be abuse in their families. Here are solutions to breaking these bonds, success in providing healing and hope for renewal to those afflicted with addiction and abuse.

Case Study MCT 450 6 credits
This course offers a comprehensive guide which contains hard-hitting, relevant information on a wide variety of personal issues. The study begins with a case history followed by a discussion of the causes and effects of the problem, a biblical perspective, and the suggested response.