Bachelor Level

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Detailed description of all Bachelor level courses are listed here.  Not all courses offered are listed as of December 1, 2004.  This page is still under construction.

  Bachelor Level

Public Speaking I BCT 001 3 credits
Students acquire basic understanding and practice in oral communication and leadership

Life of Christ I BCT 002 3 credits
In this study, the author presents the details systematically and in a lucid, clear, and comprehensive style. The study guide offers a complete do-it-yourself bible study course that presents a bird's eye view of Christ in the four Gospels.

Bible Survey, Old & New Testament BCT 003 4 credits
Written in a non-technical style and provides concise facts on who, what, when, where and why the Bible was written.

Philosophy of the Cross BCT 004 3 credits
A detailed study of the provisions of the cross which form the foundation for our salvation experience and our sanctification.

Introduction to Theology BCT 005 4 credits
New students learn effective study habits, scheduling and personal life; general background in fundamental, cardinal Bible teachings; and practical Christian living doctrines

Hermeneutics BCT 006 3 credits
Students receive practice in proper habits of Bible reading and study, interpretation, and the use of proper reference, linguistic, and contextual tools.

Accountability in Ministry BCT 007 3 credits
A training for counseling students in which in-depth individual topics including ethical and legal considerations are researched. The course will sensitize the student to the necessary relationship between counseling practice and his/her own assumptions.

Pastoral Theology I BCT 008 3 credits
A course designed to help the pastor or counselor supervise those assigned to pastoral care duties such as lay counseling. Many churches have a staff of pastoral care personnel. This course will help to guide these lay people in the right direction.

Coffee break Counseling BCT 101 3 credits
Students examine the basic concepts and tools used in Christian psychological educative and facilitative counsel, especially within the advantages of the doctrine of grace.

Basics in Christian Counseling BCT 102 4 credits
The student will be provided with an overview of the "Big Eight" (types of secular counseling and therapeutic methods). In addition, the student will be taught the difference between Christian and secular counseling, goals, techniques, and several other important topics, such as the dangers and pitfalls of counseling.

Faith Based Recovery BCT 103 3 credits
Students learn to know and use a ministry doctrinal distinctive, the life built upon the good-news Gospel of Grace. They learn to both live founded in grace and help others to rebound because of its liberating truths.

Introduction to Psychology and Counseling (General and Abnormal) BCT 201 3 credits
This course equips the student for the maintenance of the counseling aspect of ministry, dealing with the boundaries of pastoral counseling, when to refer, legal and ethical issues in counseling, and different types of issues including grief, suicide, and crisis intervention. These issues are dealt with in the context of a biblical and systematic framework.

Using Spiritual Gifts in Counseling BCT 202 3 credits
Do we know How God uses each of us in the Spiritual Gifts? Do you know how the Holy Spirit works through you in your
counseling? This course provides foundational principles for understanding and maximizing your spiritual gift(s) in your
ministry for Christ.

Depression and the Christian BCT 203 3 credits
When the world makes no sense there are biblical solutions for struggles with depression, anxiety, panic, addictions and guilt. Solutions lie in the development of basic undeveloped tasks that you may have failed to complete when growing up and tasks that bring changes that heal. Course offers help in taking on the likeness of the One who created you.

Introduction Child/Adolescent Therapy I BCT 204 3 credits
Students explore the developmental stages with a view to determining readiness for spiritual and psycho-social tasks and appropriateness of positive interventions in their behalf.

Revealing Gods Presence BCT 251 3 credits
Before one can provide effective counseling that is Biblically based and Centered on Christ, one must first understand how the Awesome power of God can manifest in the counseling situation. In this course one will learn to value and rely on the power and presence of God while counseling.

Child/Adolescent Therapy II BCT 252 3 credits
This course presents first the outlay of techniques to help youth to understand and resolve many of the conflicts they experience, and second, the preventative steps of personal investment that families may take to enable youth to progress toward maturity.

Counseling those who are Depressed BCT 253 3 credits
Depression can gradually become a part of our lives or can suddenly be in our midst. It can cause one to become utterly helpless. This course will help offer encouragement and a positive outlook that can assist any church member to recover and to have that wonderful peace.

Premarital & Marriage Counseling BCT 254 3 credits
The dynamics and biblical foundation of marriage and family and the relationship between the local church and the married are explored. Students examine the contrast between changing social morals and the lasting principles of the Word of God on parenting, kinship, single life, dating, premarital protocol, engagement, marriage adjustments, also crises and transitions in marriage. Students learn techniques of counseling and aid for unwed mothers.

Introduction to the DSM (IV) BCT 255 4 credits
How does one determine what the need. The DSM (IV) is the tool used by most secular and many Christian counselors. Student is introduced by assorted readings and rewriting the diagnosis in ones own words.

Case Study BCT 270 6 credits
This course seeks to answer the question: What is Christian counseling? The answers come in the midst of a wealth of pertinent case studies.