Changes . . . What's Happening???

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The International College of Christian Therapy is changing its name.
The new name will be The Institute of Theology & Christian Therapy.
Read below to better understand the restructure.

Dear Prospective Student...
As you go through our website for the next week or so you may find some inconsistencies... That is because we are doing some restructure at ICCT... The first thing you have seen is the name change.  The second thing is that we are merging ICCT and CMI and the two previous names will not be seen again after December 1, 2004..
We will be dropping most of our our current degrees and adding new ones.  However you may study the same material as you would have previously.  Look over our new offerings and see if one of the new degrees fits the need that you have.
Since the new ITCT will offer Theology and Ministry as well as Counseling and Therapy, you will be able to receive a quality education at this school sponsored by the American Association of Christian Therapists.  But as we are making the changes one page at a time... some facts may not match from page to page or may seem contradictory...
Please call or email if you have other questions
Dr. Gary Barkman
President of ICCT
Additional Note:
It seems we have about finished... the process... We will take a few days to proofread what we have done and make some final changes on degree programs.  We will continue to list for a while the original degrees of ICCT and also the new lest of degrees for ITCT.  All information for CMI has been dropped of of the website...
Second Additional Note 11-25-04
We are drawing close to having our website complete again.  We are waiting for members of our AACT / ITCT Board to propose texts to use and courses for our various degrees...  Work is in process for the undergraduate degrees and the Doctor of Ministry... Check it out... And come back December 1, 2004 and see our completed project...
Dr. Barkman