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Greetings to all... here the Dayspring Ministry Group is stating our understanding concerning God's call to men and to women.  The DMG teaches that the scripture states that what Paul was sharing was information for Husbands and Wives... If you are interested in further comments please send us an email to  We welcome your response to our interpretation of scripture. We teach that women are called equally as are men

Consistory of Bishops



The Most Reverend Gary W. Barkman, Ph.D., D.C.C., Th.D., President and Archbishop Primus of the Dayspring Ministry Group, which includes; Several attached and independent Ministries including Dayspring Ministries International; President, The American Association of Christian Therapists; President, Dayspring Christian University; President, Dayspring International Leadership Network; Captain, Dayspring Chaplains; President, Association of Evangelical Clergy

Dr. Barkman has been involved in many areas of ministry. He has been a pastor, Church Starter, Pastoral Counselor for over 50 years and has become very accomplished as a counselor/therapist. Dr. Barkman has also organized three churches as pastor. He has founded and organized Dayspring Ministries International, the Apostolic Episcopal Communion & Fellowship and Dayspring Christian University. He has better organized and caused growth in the Evangelical Christian Church Worldwide (Christian Disciples) and The American Association of Christian Therapists. Dr. Barkman is president of AACT, President of Dayspring Ministries International, the Evangelical Christian Church and The Apostolic Episcopal Communion & Fellowship. He is President of Dayspring Christian University. Dr. Barkman has exceptional administrative abilities and is able to multi-task very well. He has excelled in all that he has attempted.


Doctor of Divinity in Christian Education, Honorus Causa St. Timothy Institute and Seminary, Indianapolis, Indiana, January 2012 + Doctor of Philosophy in Theology, Crossroads Theological Seminary, Tallahasse, Florida, December 2008 + Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies Bethel Bible College and Seminary, Jonesboro, Arkansas, December 2001 + Doctor Of Christian Counseling, Southwest Bible College & Seminary, Jennings, Louisiana, December 1998; + Perkins School of Theology, S.M.U., Dallas, Texas June 1986 to May 1989 (Doctor of Ministry Program, 27 semester hours); + Master of Divinity, Brite Divinity School, T.C.U., Ft. Worth, Texas 1980; + Bachelor of Arts, Associate of Arts, Southwestern Assemblies of God University, Waxahachie, Texas, 1972; University of Texas at Arlington, 1971 (Summer session); Diploma, Mansfield High School 1964.


The Most Reverend Doctor Denis Francois, Metropolitan Archbishop of the Churches called The Evangelical Christian Church Worldwide (Christian Disciples),Vice President of The Dayspring Ministry Group and Dayspring Ministries International, Chancellor of Dayspring Christian University
Dr. Denis Francois is also Pastor of Tabernacle De la Fai Church in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and is in the process of planting a church in Haiti


ARCHBISHOP SYMEON (The Most Reverend Godwin Booysen) Presiding Metropolitan Archbishop (DMG Apostolic Episcopal Communion Churches in the Archdiocese of the True Witness (Africa) International headquarters for the DMG - AEC is in Western Cape, South Africa
Archbishop SYMEON holds credentials with The (ECC) Dayspring Ministry Group  and the DMG Apostolic Episcopal Communion Churches; he was Ordained Bishop in 2011 in Florida, U.S.A... Called into Ministry in 1989, and is Pastor and father to many men and women who are now in the ministry through his calling and mentoring...


Metropolitan SYMEON, Archbishop
(Most Reverend Godwin Booysen)Prelate of the DMG Apostolic Episcopal Communion., Archdiocese of The True Witness-Africa and Worldwide + Special Advisor to Dr. 
Gary Barkman, on African Affairs + Vice President for Southern and South Africa Representation for Dayspring Christian University + Board Member, Dayspring International Leadership Network, Commander, Dayspring Chaplains.

Education: Honorary Doctoral degrees of Divinity and earned Doctor of Psychology (Biblical Model), a Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Therapy from Dayspring Christian University (USA) and is currently completing a Ph.D in Christian Clinical Counseling.

He has Military experience (22years) with a specialty in demolition, parachuting and advanced weapons, and Reserve Chaplain for the past 15 years (to date); he is also skilled/qualified in Adult Basic Education and Training, HIV/AIDS Counseling, Treatment and Management; His Previous Professional Registrations and participation include:

1)New World Mission Dunamis University; Qualification: Distinguished Regents Professor Rank; Year awarded : 25 October 2005

2) American Association of Christian Therapists; Dayspring Christian University AACT-DCU

(USA); Qualification: Associate Professor; Year Awarded: 01 January 2011; License Number: GB716011AP; Valued Member since 01/Aug/2010

3) The American Academy of Pastoral Psychotherapists & Psychoanalysts (USA); Qualification: Board Certified Psychotherapist; Year Awarded: 03 June 2010; Registration number: #10-0010

4) Council for Counsellors South Africa; Qualification: Specialist Counsellor; Year awarded: 28 June 2010; Registration number: SCO 0422

5) American Association of Christian Therapists; Qualification: Licensed Pastoral Life Coach; Year: 08/01/2010 to 09/30/2011; Registration number: GB71524XLC

6)The Association of Christian Counsellors in SA; Qualification: Specialized Counsellor; Year: 1 March 2010 to 28 February 2011; Registration number: 6251

7) Natural Healers Association; Qualification: Trainer; Year: August 2010

8) Member of The Board of Directors: Alliance for Children's Entitlement to Social Security(South Africa) June 2003-June 2009

He has served the ECC/DMI as Assistant to former President of the Council of Bishops (recruiting many Pastors into the ECC/DMG) and is now serving as Special Advisor for the Patriarch/Archbishop Barkman on African Affairs, and was Presiding Archbishop of the Embassy of Faith International from December 2012 to December 2013.

Archbishop Symeon is Vice President for Southern and South Africa Representation: Dayspring Christian University

CLICK HERE to go to Archbishop Symeon's ministry page


The Most Reverend Doctor Malcolm Patterson, Provincial Bishop & General Superintendent Emeritus, ECC United States, Executive Vice President, Dayspring Christian University


The Most Rev. Dr. Ralph R. Long, Patriarch, Apostle, Archbishop and Founder of World Kingdom Fresh Fire Ministries International, Incorporated.  Dr. Long is Senior Pastor of two churches, World Kingdom in Baltimore, Maryland and Living Bread Worship Center in Delmar , Maryland.


Educationally, Dr. Long earned a Bachelor of Science Degree of Applied Psychology and a Master of Education in Rehabilitation Counseling from Coppin State College in Baltimore , Maryland.  He has earned a Doctor of Christian Psychology from Jacksonville Theological Seminary in Jacksonville, Florida. Doctor of Theology by the Dayspring Christian University, Brookhaven, MS.


Additionally, Dr. Long is Chancellor of Fresh Fire School of Ministry in Baltimore, Maryland. He is a Licensed Master Christian Life Coach, and is the Founder and CEO of "Life Balance Counseling Services, Inc." Is a Licensed Professional Pastoral Counselor by The American Association of Christian Therapists.


Dr. Long is a motivational speaker, international preacher and teacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a powerful anointing that sets captives freeContact Dr. Long at, World Kingdom Fresh Fire Ministries, Inc.  2330 McElderry Street, P.O. Box 29395, Baltimore, Maryland 21213.  1.866.639.9466.


Archbishop David Goldman as consecrated a Bishop in a special service in Phoenix Arizona by Bishop Stephen Jenga in July 2013 Under a mandate from Archbishop Primus and Patriarch Dr. Gary Barkman.  Archbishop Goldman lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Most Reverend Dr. David J. Goldman is recognized throughout the Universal Church as the Metropolitan Archbishop Diocese of The Southwest United States (NM, NV & AZ)

He was Enthroned by Patriarch Archbishop Primus Gary Barkman. In testimony whereof we affix our hand and the seal of the Patriarch On this 6th day of September, year of our Lord 2014

Click here to go to Archbishop Dr. David Goldman's Ministry Page


Apostle Bishop Lisa R. Williams was consecrated a Bishop and recognized as an Apostle in the DMG Dayspring Gathering she attended in June, 22, 2018...  Apostle Bishop Williams lives in Jackson, Mississippi.  She is one of Dr. Barkman's advisors and is very involved with DCU and DMG.  Bishop Lisa Williams is Metropolitan Apostle & Vice Chancellor of Dayspring Ministry Group; (different from Vice Chancellor of DCU)


Greetings Friends of the DMG.  We are excited to welcome a member that in some instances has been a part of this group for over 15 years... Archbishop, Dr. Stephen Njenga ...  He was with us in the far north in Europe when we started DMG and has been with us since then... He was consecrecrated Bishop several years ago and two years ago was appointed as the Archbishop in DMG serving the great state of Washington. More information will follow this writing....

Dr. Ngenga has last year founded Northwest International Christian Christian Seminary (as part of the DCU family) with his first graduation being held last July in Washing State.  We noted this gradation as one of the largest DCU related graduation that has been held... We rejoice with our beloved brother and more info will soon be added to this short report....

Including the House of
Provincial Archbishops

All bishops of the Apostolic Episcopal Communion & Fellowship, The Evangelical Christian Church and The several Independent members, active or retired, make up the House of Bishops. The House of Bishops comprises half of the governing body of the AEC&F, & the ECC, like the governing body of the United States, the governing body of each of the fellowships listed above. the ECC, and the AEC&F (called “the General Conference”) is comprised of two Houses: the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies. They meet and act separately, and both Houses must concur to adopt legislation. General Conference meets every year, and the House of Bishops meets twice a year between conferences in a non-legislative capacity. The Presiding Patriarch/Archbishop or the Metropolitan Archbishop of a selected particular Fellowship is the president of that House of Bishops.

A bishop in God's holy Church is called to be one with the apostles in proclaiming Christ's resurrection and interpreting the Gospel, and to testify to Christ's sovereignty as Lord of lords and King of kings. You are called to guard the faith, unity, and discipline of the Church; to celebrate and to provide for the administration of the sacraments of the New Covenant; to ordain priests and deacons and to join in ordaining bishops; and to be in all things a faithful pastor and wholesome example for the entire flock of Christ. With your fellow bishops you will share in the leadership of the Church throughout the world. Your heritage is the faith of patriarchs, prophets, apostles, and martyrs, and those of every generation who have looked to God in hope. Your joy will be to follow him who came, not to be served, but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many; (Book of Common Prayer, p. 517).


The Right Reverend Sui Mang, Bishop & General Superintendent, Myanmar (Burma)


The Right Reverend Dr. Wessel Campbell, Bishop in the United States


The Right Reverend Doctor Ekeoma Job Obike, Presiding Bishop and General Superintendent in Republic of  Benin, West Africa.


The Right Reverend, Doctor Debra Schmidt, Bishop in North and Central Texas, President and Founder of Crossroads Bible College & Theological Seminary, Florida.


The Right Reverend, Doctor Shawn Patrick Williams, Bishop in Greenwood, South Caroline, Head of Warrior Nations Ministry, Author, Talk show guest. Archbishop-Elect Shawn Williams is one of our first bishops to become an independent part of the Dayspring Ministry Group.  We look forward to working with Archbishop Shawn Williams until the Lord comes for HIS Church.

“Since 2007 I have been working with the ECC/DMI network. It started out with another network and as ministries do we grew and evolved. We launched a school of evangelism and a network two years ago and God is blessing it. Warrior Nations Fellowship has grown and our relationship with Dayspring has too. Kingdom groups should grow together, not grow apart. I am so blessed to have Dr. Barkman helping us and advising us in the kingdom work WNF has embarked on. As I have followed ECC/DMI protocol in checking in and my giving, God has blessed WNF so much. God blesses order and kingdom principles. The Holy Spirit has given much confirmation. We cannot do it alone. We need each other Dayspring Ministry Group. I look forward to working with all of you preparing the way for our Lord!."


The Right Reverend Doctor Jervin Sy, Webmaster, Bishop in California and Hawaii


The Most Reverend Fino Dlamini, General Superintendent and Dioscean Bishop, South Africa


The Right Rev., Bishop, Dr. David Francis Ina is the Presiding Apostle of In His Presence Assembly; The Presiding Minister of the Communion of Young Ministers International; and convener of the annual Mission Awareness Conference (MACON)… Dr. Ina, his wife Helen and his Mother-in-Law, Dr. Rose Grace Udzer hosted my visit to Abuja,Nigeria in 2005.  David was also the first Bishop consecrated in Africa, during the meetings in 2005. We welcome him back as one of our DMI Bishops and celebrate his Ministry he brings to the Dayspring Ministry Group.


The Right Reverend Bishop Mathew Sanchez has been a part of the Dayspring Ministry Group since 2004. He and his church hosted our first General Conference... and the Spirit of God did move.  Since that time Brother Sanchez has become one of our Envoys to Africa.  He brings with him Lighthouse of Praise International Ministries. Bishop Sanchez has long been a friend of Dr. Barkman and DMI +++ Bishop Mathew Sanchez passed from this life to life everlasting on December 27, 2018Here is my final entry about our friend Bishop Mathew Sanchez’s passing …. He now resides in Heaven with his Savior….  My time with Bishop Mat began in 2004 when we were seeking a location to hold the first Dayspring Gathering in 2004 … My Friend Mat was a man that we loved and though we had drifted apart due to our moving to Mississippi in 2010 we kept in touch… We reminisced from time to time about our early years together… My Brother Bishop Dr. Mathew Sanchez I love you very much and will miss our visiting…


Bishop T.Ebenezer Selvaraj is our Metropolitan Bishop in South India.  He applied to DMI through one of our programs to become a Bishop... But after meeting the folks at Conference he decided to become part of the Dayspring Ministry Group.  He has several ministers and churches with his ministry in India


We are leaving this Bishop information for a while longer as a memorial to one we celebrate her going home but saddened at her departure. Bishop Ginger Goldman was consecrated a Bishop in a special service in Phoenix Arizona by Bishop Stephen Jenga in July 2013 Under a mandate from President, Dr. Gary Barkman.   Bishop Ginger Goldman Lived in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband David. She assisted her husband with his radio ministry but was an outstanding minister in her own right.  She has been used in the prophetic ministry for many years.


The Right Reverend Anyanwu Pantelion Uwadima was elected as a Provincial Superintendent and Bishop Elect in January 2012.  In June of 2014 he will take his place as a Bishop of the Evangelical Christian Church, Worldwide.  He serves a large church in the Republic of Congo and this year marks his second visit to the General Conference in two years.


The Founders and visionary for Africa Evangelical Ministries are  Bishop.Gerald and Missionary Jocelyn Zilahenda  who has been led by the Holy Spirit to establish this Ministry.  These Ministers shared this vision with other pastors from different churches and has received support to establish this Ministry in Tanzania and the world at large.

The Dayspring Ministry Group and Africa Evangelical Ministries/Tanzania are now partners in Ministry.


The Most Reverend Doctor William Harrison Ruling Archbishop, DMI & ACOC. Archbishop Harrison is Primate of the African Old Catholic Orthodox Church