Partner Provinces with the DMG

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Greetings to all... here the Dayspring Ministry Group is stating our understanding concerning God's call to men and to women.  The DMG teaches that the scripture states that what Paul was sharing was information for Husbands and Wives... If you are interested in further comments please send us an email to  We welcome your response to our interpretation of scripture. We teach that women are called equally as are men

Bishop Doctor Mat Sanchez and singers
Praising God at our 2005 Dayspring Gathering in Granbury TX

Partner Provinces with the Dayspring Ministry Group

Dayspring Ministry Group Consistory of Bishops


Patriarch Archbishop Primus … Gary Barkman, Ph.D., D.C.C., Th.D.


Elect Lady Dwana Barkman (DMG CEO);


Archbishop Denis Francois Metropolitan Provincial


Primate (DMG): Archbishop Ralph Long Chancellor of Dayspring Ministry Group;


Bishop Malcolm Patterson Secretary General DMG;


The Rev. Doctor Bishop-Elect Virginia Bieber, Secretary for DCU Student Development and Online Study


Bishop Lisa Williams Metropolitan Apostle & Vice Chancellor of Dayspring Ministry Group; (different from Vice Chancellor of DCU)


Prophet & Bishop Reatha A. Young, Metropolitan Prophet DMG


Archbishop David Goldman Metropolitan Provincial Archbishop ; & Vice Chandellor DCU.


Bishop Godwin Metropolitan Provincial Primate (AECF); First Province of South Africa


Partner Provinces with the Dayspring Ministry Group


Archbishop Sean A. Nutter Sr., "Province of Denver, Colorado"

Archbishop-Elect Ejona Joeli "Tanzania Kingdom of God Center Province"

Archbishop-Elect Edward kings Entonu "Benue Province of Northern Nigeria" Abuja Area Northern Nigeria


Archbishop-Elect Pastor James “Province of Togo Africa” Country of Togo


Archbishop-Elect Stephen Njenga “Province of Seattle Washington”


Archbishop-Elect Dr. David Ina “First Abuja Province of Nigeria”


Archbishop-Elect Dr. Joseph Rankin “Second Abuja Province of Nigeria”


Archbishop-Elect Joseph Mbithi “Province of Eastern Nairobi”


Archbishop-Elect Matthew Okello “Province of Northern Uganda”


Archbishop-Elect Watanga Victor “Uganda One Province”


Archbishop-Elect Jackson Isaiah Sikolia “Western Province Kenya – Kakmega County”


Archbishop-Elect Anyonyu Pantelion “Province of Central Africa”


Archbishop-Elect Pastor James “Province of Togo Africa” Country of Togo”


Archbishop-Elect Pastor George Engurat “Province of Uganda East Africa”


Archbishop-Elect Apostle Philip Anthony “West African Province, Nigeria”


Archbishop-Elect Jpostph Rankin “Province of Niger Delta, Nigeria”


Archbishop-Elect Dr. Paul Myusungu “Province of East Africa, Kenya”


Archbishop-Elect Bishop Tom Olvwadele “Province of South Western Nigeria, "Ondo, Ekiti, Osun, Oyo, Ogun, Logos State”


Archbishop-Elect Prasanna Jeejan Bapu “First Province, South India”


Archbishop-Elect Sureshbab Jonnalagadoa “Second Province for India”


Archbishop-Elect Suresh Kumar “ Third Province for South India”


Archbishop-Elect Owolabi Oluseye “Province of Ogun State, Nigeria”


From Left to right; Abp Ralph Long; Abp Denis
Francois; Abp Primus Gary Barkman; Pres. Steve Ekeroth AGIF