Dayspring Ministers with Standing

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Dayspring Ministries has a goal to never ask it's ministers for an offering.  It is hoped that in time all ministers and ministries will give to the Lord through their ordaining body without any requests.
Until that time occurs we must operate as all ministries and Churches operate... Remind our ministers and ministries of their obligation.
However when a minister and/or a ministry fulfills his/her/it's obligation we give special recognition on this website and the minister or ministry gains special standing in the ECC.
Now that Decision day for Restructure 2007 has come and gone we list only those who have been verified... We believe that the list will continue to grow through November 30, 2007. Praise God for HIS ministers who support Christ through the ECC Dayspring.
We are happy to list those who receive special recognition from the Dayspring Headquarters... And by the way... this list is at the request of our Dayspring Ministers.
We look forward to posting more who are supporting their ordaining ministry/church.

Dr. Gary Barkman … Verified … President of Dayspring Ministries International

Rev. Valerie Cruzat ... Verified ... Minister in Georgia

Rev. Joe Dallas ... Verified ... Minister in California

Rev. Adrienne DiCamillo ... Verified ... Minister in California

Rev. Patricia A. Dunsha ... Verified ... Minister in Georgia

Dr. Roger E. Edens ... Verified ... Bishop General Emeritus, AECC

Dr. Job Ekeoma Obike ... Verified ... First Bishop of Benin ... List of ministers sent.

Dr. Chicke Elendu … Verified … Second Bishop in Nigeria, First Bishop of Port Harcourt

Rev. Eric Foley … Verified … Minister in Colorado

Rev. Dyan Howk ... Verified ... Minister in California

Dr. David Francis Ina ... Verified ... First Bishop in Nigeria, First Bishop of Abuja ... List of ministers received

Rev. Asher Israel ... Verified ... Provincial Superintendent, Pakistan ... List of ministers sent.

Rev. Elder Samuel James ... Verified ... Minister in New York

Rev. Doctor Barbara Jones ... Verified ... Bishop General, The ECC & Dayspring

Dr. Steven O. O. Jones ... Verified ... First Bishop in Ghana

Bishop Daniel Karthikeyan ... Verified ... Bishop in India ... List of ministers sent

Rev. Kimberly Kelly ... Verified ... New Provincial Superintendent in Indiana.

Detric Kelly ... Verified ... Minister in Indiana

Diana Kirkpatrick ... Verified ... Minister in Minnesota

Dr. Edward Lai ... Verified ... Minister in New York & Hong Kong

Bishop Mike Laperche ... Verified ... ECC Director of Church Planting & Missions

Rev. Sui Mang ... General Superintendent, The ECC in Myanmar ... Verified ... List of ministers on file 

Rev. Catherine Morrill ... Verified ... Minister in California

Dr. David Morton … Verified … Regional Superintendent, New Zealand

Rev. Vladimir Pavlichuk ... Verified ... Regional Superintendent, Ukraine ... List of Ministers received

Dr. Malcolm Patterson … Verified … Bishop General; Presiding Minister, The ECC

Dr. Stewart Pier … Verified … Bishop General Emeritus, The ECC

Rev. Ronald Richard ... Verified ... Minister in California

Rev. Jimmy Shrimplin ... Verified ... Minister in Minnesota

Rev. Rebekkah Shrimplin ... Verified ... Minister in Minnesota

Rev. Jody Spinozza ... Verified ... Minister in California

Rev. Jervin Sy … Verified … Bishop in California

Rev. Tea Sy … Verified … West Coast Regional Superintendent

Rev. Mishael O. Uwadiae ... Verified ... Regional Superintendent in England

Dr. Joseph A. Yacaginsky ... Verified ... Provost & Vice President, The ITCT

Rev. Mike Wokomah Yeshua ... Verified ... Advisor to the Archbishop on Nigerian affairs, Port Harcourt and the United States

Rev. Joseph Yaounde ... Verified ... Regional Superintendent, Cameroon




The ECC Dayspring has connections with other Ministerial Fellowships and Denominations.  The people who head these organizations work with the ECC Dayspring.  Below is a listing of those currently with us in different ways. These have pledged support if the ECC Dayspring by joining her in Sister Fellowship.


The Most Reverend Doctor William Harrison Ruling Archbishop, DMI & ACOC … Archbishop Harrison is the Archbishop who consecrated Dr. Barkman in December 2003.  He will always have a special place in Dayspring’s Ministry.  He is in Monroe, Louisiana.


Dr. David Lavigne is President and General Superintendent with the CECC and sits on the Credentials Committee. Dr. Lavigne is also General Superintendent of the ECC Dayspring in Canada and is also President of Waterloo Bible College and Seminary in Canada … Dr. Lavigne sits on our Board of Elders.  The CECC and the ECC were merged into one denomination in 2006


The Reverend Doctor Rose Grace Udzer, Provincial Superintendent, His Jewels Intercessory Ministries, Abuja, Nigeria.  Our Bishop David Frances Ina, First Bishop of Nigeria also sits on this Ministry.  Dr. Barkman sits on their Board.. and of Course Dr. Udzer and Bishop Dr. Ina sit on the Dayspring Ministries International Board.


The Reverend Matthew O. Akor, Provincial Superintendent, Global Alumni Re-union Foundation, Abuja, Nigeria … This ministry is in sister fellowship with the DMI but works somewhat independent of the ECC.


The Reverend Dr. Ogbu has incorporated the Dayspring Ministries International in South Africa and is Head Bishop of DMI South Africa … This Fellowship is in Sister Fellowship with the ECC Dayspring in the United States..DMI South Africa was the first country to organize and incorporate a DMI Fellowship.


 The Right Rev. Mathew Sanchez is Bishop of Gospel Lighthouse Ministries, headquartered in Granbury, Texas,  and is in Sister Fellowship with the ECC Dayspring. He has been with the ECC Dayspring since early 2004.  He is a Ruling Bishop with the ECC Dayspring and is on the Board of Elders of DMI.


Archbishop, Reverend Dr. Zeno B. Dardin, Ruling Archbishop, Dayspring, Harvest In Time Ministries.  The ministry he heads is in Sister Fellowship with Dayspring ECC


The Right Reverend Tommy Mayo, Bishop of FHI and The Reverend Shawn Michael Williams, who is an author with the publication of “Dancing With the Devil,” and Administrator for FHI … Faith Harvest International Ministries, A ministerial Fellowship and the ECC Dayspring are in the process of coming into Sister Fellowship.  You will hear more about this great movement in months to follow.. See their website at


Last website post:  10-14-2007