Dayspring Florida Graduation

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Dr. Denis Francois

Dr. Barkman spent five days in Fort Lauderdale Florida with Dr. Denis Francois.  Dr. B was the speaker at a graduation ceremony.  He also visited long hours with Dr. Francois concerning the future of his school there and Dayspring Ministries, the ITCT.
More will be published shortly about this merger... Keep listening... Below are some pictures of the graduation... More pictures will follow of the graduation and the special revival meetings that preceeded the graduation.
Dr. Denis Francois represents a Hatian community.  It is hoped by both sides that Dayspring and Tabernacle De La Foi will be very involved with ministry in the future.... Look at these pictures.

One side of the crowded auditorium
Over 600 persons attended this graduation

The graduates and the other side of the auditorium
The language spoken is French and Creole

The special guests included
Dr. Gary Barkman, Keynote speaker... The guests are sitting with thier interpreters

Dr. Denis Francois received special recognition
From Dayspring ITCT... Dr. Francois is translating to French or Creole what Dr. Barkman has said.

Dr. Gary Barkman, Keynote speaker at the
Fort Lauderdale graduation, speaking here .... Many more pictures will soon follow