Become a Ministry Partner

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This is your invitation to join in ministry with DMI and help with the lost to Jesus Christ

Dayspring Ministry Partner


Dayspring Ministries International began in the late 1970s during some special time with the Lord.  The plan was set and we completed all organizational paperwork within a few months.   Details were laid out.  All areas of this ministry were planned. We were ready to go… And then like a light the impression was turned off in my mind and spirit..


24 years later the light came on again… Some of the names had changed but the concept was there and DMI was born in November 2002.  The history of that beginning can be read about on the website at  I invite you to read about this second beginning… or talk to me abut it..


Dayspring Ministries International is now an umbrella for three ministries: The American Association of Christian Therapists, Dr. Gary Barkman President, ( ), The Evangelical Christian Church, Dr. Malcolm Patterson, Presiding Minister and Bishop General, ( ) , and the Institute of Theology and Christian Therapy, Dr. Joseph Yacaginsky, Provost; Dr. Denis Francois, Chancelor, ( ).  Information about these can also be found online or talk to someone at the headquarters of DMI about them.


The AACT is a Certifying organization.  We assist Ministers and Christians to become established in the Pastoral and Christian Counseling Arena.  We do this through certification and License of persons who have the qualifications to do counseling and want to do Christian and/or Biblical Counseling.  The AACT was organized in 1995 as the “International Association of Christian Counselors and Therapists.”  The name was later changed to, “AACT” when the organization was moved to Texas in 2000.

The ECC in the United States, Different countries in Africa, India, and other countries of the world, is the final organization established from a merger of the “Association of Evangelical Community Churches,” “The Association of Evangelical Clergy,” and “The Evangelical Christian Church” in Indiana.  The history of these three organizations can be found also on the websites. Please read about these there.


The ITCT was founded when the “International College of Christian Therapy” and the “Christian Ministry Institute” was merged in 2004.  Please read about the Institute at its web site.


DMI and those organizations under her have grown considerably since each one’s inception.  There are certified ministers throughout the United States and Ministers with the ECC Dayspring throughout the world.  Praise the Lord.  There are students from various places in the United States and other countries.


One problem that has plagued DMI since its inception is “local involvement and support.”  At this time there is no local support or “Ministry Partner” group.  It is our goal to create this group so that DMI can continue on in its various ministries. 


In the early years of DMI there was an attempt to start a local Church to support this worldwide ministry.  Out of this came a local church… but after appointment the Pastor wanted to be independent of DMI so that was granted.


We have also attempted to identify with a local church and were somewhat successful for two years, from 04 through Conference of 06.  But that relationship also ended.

So what will it mean to be a Ministry Partner?


If you are local… in Granbury or Hood County it would consist of these things:


  1. Be willing to act as local counsel for the Ministry
  2. Be available for a meeting and/or a Bible study at least twice a month.
  3. If you are able, occasionally help with financial support.
  4. Able to help in the DMI office from time to time.


If you live within 100 miles of Granbury but not in Hood county we would like you to do as much of the above as possible but be dedicated to:


  1. Meeting with the group at least monthly
  2. Consider financial support if possible.


If you live away from the Granbury area we would like you to do as much of the above as possible but be dedicated to:


  1. Meeting with the group as often as you can but at least 3 to 4 times a year.
  2. Consider financial support if possible.


DMI has goals that a group of dedicated Ministry Partners could assist in meeting. They include:


  1. Finding a new, more visible office for Dayspring Ministries International.
  2. recruiting office help for filing and answering phones during the day.
  3. Assisting with committee work locally.
  4. Establishment of a “Headquarters” Church.


We believe you would benefit greatly by being a Ministry partner with the DMI… How is this?


  1. Assist God’s work through DMI go from “ground floor” to a larger viable ministry for all persons
  2. Be blessed as you give more than you receive, doing God’s work.
  3. Seeing the fruits of your labor as you assist a small international Ministry win more souls into Christ’s Kingdom in the United states and other countries.
  4. Think of benefits you would receive that are not listed here.


If you are interested please call


Dr. Gary Barkman at 817-736-3041 or 817-219-7007 … or send an email to or  … Let’s talk or send some emails..  




Dr. Gary Barkman, Founder of Dayspring Ministries International