Bishop's Christmas Travel

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Archbishop Barkman with First Lady Dwana and Son Hayden spent Christmas in Florida this year (2004).  They spent some time with Rev. Mike Laperche, DMI's Director of Church Planting and Missions.  And also made a quick visit with Dr. Stewart Pier who has recently relocated to Florida.  Dr. Pier is a General Pastor & Bishop Emeritus for the ECC...
Later the Barkmans spent almost a week with Dr. Barbara Jones, a General Pastor & Bishop for DMI.  She and some of her members made the visit a grand one for the Barkmans.  Our Archbishop was given the master suite bedroom in the beautiful home of John and Denise Pugh.  Following are some of the pictures taken on the trip.

Barkman's Christmas Photos Page 2 Click Here

The Barkmans & Laperches
in their home

Dr. Pier and Dr. Barkman
visit in Dr. Pier's new home in Florida

The Barkmans with Dr. Jones
& Merita Mitchel, the mother of a member and a friend of Dr. Jones & the Church

Dr. Jones & Dr. Barkman
stand in front of the Atlantic Ocean in Florida

Dr. Jones & Dr. Barkman
dedicate the new home of John & Denise Pugh

The Barkmans with Dr. Jones & Yolanda
Both were at Conference in 2004

Yolanda & Denise lead
the Church in Praise & Worship

Appreciation awards were given to members
of the church for outstanding service... Dr. Barkman includes one for Dr. Jones

Dr. Barkman preaches at
Abiding Love Fellowship

This is only the first set of pictures... As more are downsized and uploaded they will be added.  Come back and look again and again as the pics will be added in groups...THANK YOU MIKE LAPERCHE, DR. BARBARA JONES FOR A VERY NICE VISIT... SPECIAL THANKS TO JOHN AND DENISE PUGH FOR OPENING THEIR HOME AND LIVES FOR A WEEK WITH BROTHER BARKMAN AND HIS FAMILY