DMI Photos from Western Cape, South Africa

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We are equally excited to hear of the DMI work in Western Cape, South Africa.. This work is under Rev.Ehigie Kennedy, our Superintendent there..  Below is a letter we have recently received from Brother Kennedy... Below the letter are some pictures of recent meetings...


Blessings to you and DMI in Western Cape, South Africa...



Dear Arcbishop G.W Barkman,

Greetings from western cape province, South Africa.It is good hearing what the Lord is doing through DMI in Africa and other parts of the world.I give glory to God for His grace upon Western cape DMI ministers, breaking ground in the midst of racism which has been the greatest hinderance, meaningful impact through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Last Friday DMI ,Western cape province, we organised a CROSS CULTURAL PRAYER MEETING.  Some of the government delegates where around.  What suprises every one is that the MAYOR stayed through the night.  She gave a speech and encouraged the ministers and the people present that God is supreme.  We prayed for the land, the governement and addressed the issue of HIV (the mayor was happy about this).  I give thanks to God for the cooperation of the ministers.  One minister said that RACISM IS NO MORE.  We used the Worcester city hall which was given to us free of charge for this programme.  God be praised.

We have started delegating our ministers to Churches to help on a volunteer basis. We are helping young Churches and also through gospel Music.

We have started making plans on entering Namibia.  By the grace of God DMI will start in that country and we are happy for this.  We can see that the ministers in that country are very united and friendly.  We will start soon.  Already we have chosen the ministers that are going for this historical meeting.  We have also been sending ministers from western cape to other countries to help churches, less priviledged communities and awareness programmes. We are also trusting God that God will help us plant DMI beyound the African continent.  From time to time, we are
delegating our ministers to other parts of the world in teaching, preaching, HIV awareness programme etc. And they are getting back to us with great feed-back this is bringing a lot of encouragment to others.  We want you to personally pray for us that God will provide more willing ministers.  Any of our ministers willing to go outside Africa, we seriousely back them in prayers.  They have been travelling and coming.  We believe in moving locally as well as internationally.  Relationship building, motivated by love is one of the greatest keys we are using here.

Moreover, we are praying about the upcoming conference in Nigeria. We believe that this programme will bring a lot of changes to Africa and Nigeria in particular. We thank God for the inputs of the different ministers and we believe that God is in control.

Rev.Ehigie Kennedy

Regional Superintendent

Western cape Province-DMI