ECC & AECC Ministers

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Pictures of Dayspring Ministers / AECC / ECC


From time to time members of the two church bodies, the Evangelical Christian Church and the Association of Evangelical Community Churches, will send pictures of their ministtry.  Below are some of those pictures along with some of our ministers who are not on the leader's pages

Dr. Roger & Shelly Edens
Dr. Edens is the General Pastor of the AECC. He is Special Counsel to Dr. Barkman

Dr. Stewart and Jane Pier
Dr. Stewart Van Pier is the General Pastor of the ECC

Dr. Jervin & Dantea Sy are both leaders for DMI
Dr. J Sy is a Ruling Elder for AECC & ECC. Rev. D Sy is our Regional Pastor for the West Region,

Dr. Ed Lai is our National Youth Director for
AECC and ECC. He is a Ruling Elder on the Executive Board.

Reverend R. Jonathan Singh and Family
Rev. Singh is Regional Superintendent of North India

Reverend Sam Babs
Rev. Babs is Regional Superintendent in Nigeria

Rev. Chidiebere Ogbu is a Regional Superintendent
in the African country of South Africa

Reverend Lamaan N. H. Zereina
Rev. Lamaan is a Licensed Minister on the West Bank in Israel. He is an Area Superintendent

Reverend Mark Anderson and Family
Members of Rev Anderson's Church Family. Rev. Anderson is an ECC minister in Liberia, Africa

Reverend Eric Foley
Rev. Foley works in a Korean Ministry in Texas

Rev. John Wright is a Licensed Minister
He is our youngest minister in the AECC and ECC. He is a District Pastor in Kentucky

Reverend Barbara Jones is a Regional Pastor in
Florida. She is a "Recognized Prophet of God" by the AECC

Dr. Joseph Yacaginsky is a Regional Pastor for the
Central Region of the ECC. He is also Executive Dean of International College, ICCT.

The Reverends Don and Marie Garland are
AECC ministers in Kentucky.

Rev. Tony Okorie
Rev. Okorie is one of our Regional Superintendents in Nigeria

Rev. Tony Okorie And Wife

Victoria Walters is a Minister in Hays Kansas
She is Chairperson of the Publicity Committee

Rev. Francis "Frank" Chukwudi Muojekwu
He is our Area Minister for Pretoria, South Africa... He works with Brother Ogbu

Rev. Mike and Cindy Laperche
The Laperches are pastor of a ministry that promotes "Home Church" They are in Florida

Rev. Mike Laperche & Rev. Barbara Jones.
Rev. Jones, A Regional Pastor held an ordination service for Rev Laperche at her Church in Florida

During the service at Rev. Mike Laperche's
Ordination service in Florida

Rev. John & Bobbie Jean Farias
Brother Farias minister in upper New York State. They do Street Ministry and have a radio ministry

Rev. Judy Lynn Moore
Rev. Moore resides in Granbury Texas. She is Administrative Assistant to the Barkmans

Rev. Moore participating in Ordination Service
Held at the Barkman's home, Thursday, Dec. 4, 2003

Rev.s Robert and Darla Autry
They are Regional Presiding Pastors in Texas. They will be assisting Dr. Barkman locally

Rev. Darla Autry participating in the Ordination
service held at Bishop Barkman's home, Thursday, December 4, 2003

Simon Peter Onuoha is our minister from
Kenya. He is our Regional Superintendent there

Reverend Patrick Nelson
He is an ECC Minister living in Minnasota, U.S.A.