AEC Application for Candidacy (DMG AEC)

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The Apostolic Episcopal Communion  


(The Apostolic Episcopal Communion & Fellowship is in no way attached to the Apostolic Episcopal Church and is not a part of the AEC in any way.)


All application materials must be received by the National Office within 10 weeks of receipt of the original submission packet. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed for candidacy determination. Applications not completed within 10 weeks will be securely disposed of.

Part 1 (The Profile, Attached Documents, and Signed Statement) must be submitted together in one packet.

Part 2 (Transcripts and References) must be received directly by the National Office in hard copy (no emails).

Part 3 (Interview) will be scheduled after all the paperwork has been received and reviewed. The interview should be in person.

Upon completion of the Interview, the Candidacy Committee will review the applicant's file and determine in a timely way whether to accept the applicant into candidacy. All applicants will be notified in writing.

1. Today's date.
2. Your Full Name.
3. Date and place of Birth.
4. Citizenship.
5. Present Address and email address.
6. Phone Number
7. Marital Status (single, married,  divorced, widowed, etc.)
8. Name of Spouse and any children, with ages.
9. Overview of your religious/church affiliations since childhood: in what tradition were you raised? baptized? confirmed? married? etc. Have you been ordained or licensed? What strengths and/or shortcomings do you carry with you from those affiliations?
10. Are you currently ordained/licensed? In what denomination?
11. Are you currently under the care of a Bishop or non-episcopal denomination? Who? If you were under care, but are no longer, please describe the circumstances of the separation.

Note: A E C & F Churches will not incardinate any ordained person who has not been released by his/her previous bishop or previous denomination, except in special circumstances which must be adjudicated by the bishop.

12. Are you now being, or have you ever been, treated for a chronic physical, mental, or emotional illness? Include experience with 12 step recovery programs. Please describe.
13. Have you ever been charged or convicted of any crime in any jurisdiction, church, criminal, or civil courts?

1. Standard resume of your work experience and educational histories. Indicate if any previous or current employers may be contacted for information.
2. Autobiographical essay, including family-of-origin information and family tree, history of residences, significant events and people, turning points in your life, your understanding of your own spirituality and ethics and how you got there,  and your place in the world as steward to humanity and creation.
3. Essay discussing your understanding of the Anglican Tradition and the Apostolic Episcopal Communion and Fellowship. Reflect on why you locate yourself within the Anglican Tradition of faith, and how you feel the A E C & F will provide you with the context to live out the ministry you are called to do. With respect to Anglicansim, reflect on your understanding of Eucharist, the episcopacy, and the Prayer Book.
4. Write your own personal statement of faith. Describe how you arrived at this credo. How does this statement reflect your understanding of the core of the Gospel message? How does this statement reflect your understanding of the problem of human suffering and a loving God?

Please do not send originals of the following documentation.
5. Certificates/Diplomas showing completion of education, formation and training
6. Baptismal and confirmation certificates (or date/location/denomination)
For ordained clergy transferring to the A E C & F Churches:
7. Letter of transfer or letter of excardination from your present ecclesiastical authority (if you were not provided with this, please explain the circumstances).
8. Ordination certificates (deacon, priest/elder)

Please copy the following statement to a separate sheet of paper, and sign and date it.

I, (insert your full name), do hereby apply for admission into candidacy status with the Apostolic Episcopal Communion and Fellowship Churches. I understand that submission of this application does not guarantee acceptance into candidacy. I understand that no church official is making any promises to me regarding future employment or income, the provision of health insurance or other benefits, or any other guarantees. This information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge, and I understand that providing false information for the purposes of ordination can result in civil action against me as well as termination of holy orders and/or affiliation.

(Please Sign and Date)


The following documents must be sent in hard copy directly from the source (school, reference), to the National Office.

1. Educational transcripts for each school, degree, program undertaken (completed or not)
2. Three letters of reference, sent directly from the reference. At least one should be from an academic perspective (on school letterhead), and one should be from a pastoral perspective. If you have completed any accredited units of Clinical Pastoral Education, please provide copies of both self and supervisor evaluations.

ALL candidates will be required to undergo basic psychological testing and a background check at their own expense. Deliberate misrepresentation (by omission, modification, or falsification) of personal information will automatically disqualify a candidate from further consideration.


Your interview is an opportunity for us to get to know you better, and for you to get to know us better. The interview will take place in person if possible, and by Skype or phone otherwise. So take your time, and try to feel comfortable and have fun with this. Let yourself shine through. Some of the suggested areas that your interviewer will likely ask you about are:

1. Describe what particular ministry you are called to do. (Pastoral counseling, healing, contemplative, missionary work, etc.) How have you discerned this? What gifts of the Spirit do you bring to the ministry?

2. Brag time: talk about your hobbies, and the things you do to rejuvenate your heart and soul. How do you relieve stress? What in your life are you especially proud of?
3. What three words best describe you?
4. How do you believe the A E C & F Churches can contribute to the building up of your ministry? And how do you believe you can contribute to the building up of the A E C & F Churches?


Upon completion of the application process and review for acceptance or denial (and the period of candidacy if accepted), the written application documents will be shredded, and any electronically submitted files will be deleted. Basic personal information (name, address, etc.) necessary for conducting Church business is recorded in a secure database. This information is never released without prior permission, and mailing lists are never sold nor shared

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