AEC&F Member Benefits

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The Apostolic Episcopal Communion (DMG-AEC)


(The Apostolic Episcopal Communion is in no way attached to the Apostolic Episcopal Church and is not a part of the AEC in any way.)


## Apostolic Episcopal Communion and Fellowship Benefits of Membership

We would like you to highly consider the following important benefits and expectations before you make the decision to fully participate in the +++Apostolic Episcopal Communion and Fellowship Churches

It will be easier to see what apostolic oversight is by first stating what it IS NOT . In 1st Thessalonians 2:1 the apostle Paul said, "Our coming to you was not in vain ". The word "vain" expresses the hollowness of anything, Paul was saying their work was not void of content or power. This word could also be translated "empty-handed". Paul was saying "We didn't come to take something away from you but to bring you something". This is the heart of apostolic oversight. It has nothing to do with what the apostle "receives" from the church, it has everything to do with what apostolic oversight brings to the church; and according to 1 Thessalonoans 3:10, to add/complete that which is lacking in your faith

One of the benefits is that you will receive quality of care of your own self so that you can in return give the same for the local church and love for the saints.

Many Ministers have asked, "what am I going to benefit? Will you build a church for me; will you send me a cheque every month?" The A E C & F Churches' benefits are not primarily about money, it is not "a pretext for greed" (1Thess.2:5). Paul denies that he ever used his ministry as a secret means of enriching himself.

A E C & F Churches is not multi-level marketing for church planters where all resources work their way to the top.

Is not about human glory - "I'm Apostle so and so". Paul said, "We have never sought honor from men, from you or from anybody else " (1Thess.2:6a Moffat). Paul here is repudiating personal ambition.

A E C & F Churches does not exist to merely being in "authority" over a church. (1Thess.2:6b N.A.S.B.) The only authority that exists in the church is "Christ's authority". So the local Fellowships in our Communion remain Autonomous, yet very Accountable; we need to know where you are so we can know how to partner with you...


A E C & F Churches is all about being a "father" to the church.

A E C & F Churches oversight is foundational. Many churches today have faulty foundations and as a result they continually struggle with the same problems.

A E C & F Churches is a network of churches which provides a place where people can enjoy rich fellowship, as well as involvement in ministry while we pursue those relationships that will allow building, which will create ministry opportunities...



There is no reason for a church to have an apostolic covering if the church doesn't benefit from the relationship. If the only one receiving benefits is the head-office, something is wrong. Following are some areas that a church and its leaders should benefit from the covering:

Personal Development of the Leader; Ministerial and Academic Qualifications, making sure that all our Ministers meet basic requirements and qualifications for Clergy

In vision, helping to define it, refine it and articulate it.

In doctrine, to help deal with doctrinal issues confronting a church or causing division in the church.

In church discipline, this is especially helpful in difficult cases to avoid personal attacks against leadership when a member needs discipline.

This is to provide an atmosphere of safety and security for both the pastor and the people.

To protect the people- if a leader falls into error or sin or becomes dictatorial, the congregation knows they have someone to appeal to, helping to avoid a church split.

To protect the pastor- the pastor cannot be arbitrarily removed without the involvement of A E C & F Churches oversight. This protects against false accusations.

Having A E C & F Churches as covering gives the pastor someone to be accountable to, someone to talk to, relate to and just sound off to.

A E C & F Churches covering can be used to confirm and ordain priests and elders and other offices in the church. Having someone else to interview and confirm candidates for ministry can provide an objective view that is often missing in independent churches.

Visits by A E C & F Churches covering can bring encouragement and blessing to a local church.



First, attend the Annual National Conference - This is the only national meeting A E C & F Churches holds in Cape Town South Africa; Everything else is done on the regional and local level. The National Conference provides an opportunity:

To increase vision
To build relationship
To encourage fellowship
To receive teaching and ministry
To connect with a global vision and our USA Head-Quarters
To be personally strengthened and refreshed

Second, A E C & F Churches strengthens local Churches in their workshops, seminars and local conferences with its presence

Pastors in a region are encouraged to meet together monthly for fellowship, prayer and encouragement.

Third, participate financially - One of the signs that a church is committed to. A E C & F Churches is regular financial support. As an apostolic team we set no minimum amount that a church must give to join or participate in A E C & F Churches but every church should give something and Report Monthly on its activities and achievements

As a International movement that is committed to reaching the nations there are many things that need to be done that will require financial support.

We need to develop materials that are translated into different languages to minister to the nations.

We need to develop materials that can be used by A E C & F Churches for the discipling and training of people in the local church.

We need to provide for the national office to cover administrative expenses including office expenses, printing costs, mailing costs, web site maintenance, and hosting the national conference and traveling to various localities for effective ministry by presence

Our desire as a International movement is to be a resource center based in Cape Town South Africa that will be able to provide support for local churches both here and abroad. All of this requires finances.

We feel it is very important to publicly acknowledge who the apostolic oversight is to the local church.

Practical Steps Required/Encouraged:

1.  Begin to build relationships with members of the A E C & F
2.  Talk to your leaders and the church about having A E C & F Churches as your oversight.
3. Start attending regional meetings, plan to be at the National Conference.


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