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Motorcycle Ministry Son Worshipers


Son Worshipers Motorcycle (Biker) Ministry does more than just ride... We do community service projects like the one in the pics... SWMM is part of the Fellowship Church of Hood County.  Dr. Barkman now attends this church and is a part of the Motorcycle Ministry. 
Paster Mike is the tall man pointing at you in the Black shirt...
The President of the Ministry is Robin Dobbs... He is in the pic all by himself......
Now for another important person... Yours truly is in the truck sitting on the side of the road...that you see in some of the pics... And all that worked are in the Pick...  except Laura who took the pics... Thanks Laura...
If you are interested  in starting a chapter of the Son Worshipers Biker (Motorcycle) Ministry you may email the DMI headquarters and we will give to you the particulars...
Blessings to ALL...

The group that picked up trash... or as Dr. Barkma
did... drive the truck...


Robin Dobbs, President of Son Worshipers
Motorcycle Ministry