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Brother Barkman

Greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.We hope you are doing well by the greace   of God. We are fine too. By the Grace of God MECC General Conference was successfully held in march 7-9,2008 in TahanmSame missonary and 30 delegates came to conference.
The  Holy spirit led us our conference and We really enjoy
in the Lord. We are greatly encouraqed by the work of the holy spirit among our minidters and missionies. God did wonderful  work mang people through our missionaries and saved 46 buddish and established a new churah in LungRing within 2007.
In this conference We took a new pastor and sent to the new church in Lung Ring Town. We also extended our mission  field in Matu and Zotung tribes.though we do nat know clearly the lacation and sitution of Matu, We sent 2  new missionaries among Matu .Zotung people due to same difficulties.
We have not yet sent any missionary to them.Please pray for we may be able to sent more other missionary to this place in due time.

If you want to send something to us You can use this adress

Mr Nei thang
Moreh,Chandel District
Manipur State,India
It is sure that Nei thang a will in form us and we will get because he is faithful.

May God bless you


Rev. Sui Mang is the General Superintendent of the ECC in Myanmar.  He is here speaking to the General Conference in March of 2008.
We have emailed Rev. Mang and heard back...all of our Church members are doing fine in spite of the recent cyclone.