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Hot in Arizona Pics

From left to right; Superintendent Ginger Goldman,
First Lady Shirly Ryan, Pastor Danny Ryan, Superintendent David Goldman

Brother David and Sister Ginger Goldman have been appointed as our Regional Superintendents in the Phoenix Valley.  We have known the Goldmans for several years and are excited to have them on board as one of our Western Superintendents.
Brother Goldman has shared the Gospel of Christ through the ECC to a Brother Pastor in Glendale, Arizona.  We have accepted his credentials and issued him Ordination through the ECC... We will also be sending a Charter to him so that his Church is officially a part of the International ECC Family.
We welcome Pastor Danny Ryan and his First Lady, Sister Shirley to our Family of ministers... and their church to the great Dayspring and ECC family.  Check out the pictures... A few more will be added soon...

Some of the Children in the Church

A Brother in the Church, Pastor Danny &
Regional Superintendent David Goldman

Pastor Danny with Church Members

The singing Brothers

The singing Brothers..... singing

Pastor Danny Praying

Pastor Danny Preaching

The Congregation Praising the Lord

David and Ginger Goldman, Regional Superintendents in Arizona