South Nigeria Province

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Following are the pictures of the Innuaguration of the East of Nigeria under the province of South of Nigeria.  The Regional suprintendent, Rev Success Ekebuisi  is the  is the man who Received the certificate of Appointment into his office. while the Sister and the Brother there are the Secratery and  the treasurer  respectively ... The prayers are given for the new Regional Superintendent and for the Officials which includes the only woman who is the purse keeper of the region. More Informations on the region and the South Nigeri Province will be coming with time.

Pictured here is Regional Superintendent
Rev Success Ekebuisi of the East District with the new Secretary & Treasurer

Bishop Chike Elendu, Praying

Bishop Chike Elendu, Preaching

Rev Success Ekebuisi
Regional Superintendtne, East Reagion, South Nigeria Province, Dr. Chike Elendu, Bishop

The appointment is made

Some of the group in attendance
for the Special Event