The Arkansas Meetings

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There were two Dayspring meetings in Arkansas In the very early days of DMI 

On this page you will find pictures of the very first Dayspring meeting, March 2, 2003.  God moved by HIS Spirit in the worship service.  Two of our Regional Pastors / Superintendents were Consecrated and Ordained.  We also Ordained several Evangelists, and a Deacon.
In May of 2003 the second Dayspring meeting was held.  Dr. Barkman and family was invited back to Arkansas for special services to consecrate and Ordain some ministers.... Here also are some of the pictures of the services.....

The First Arkansas Meeting

Dr. Barkman looks at a certificate with
Pastor Amy Barkman (No relation)

Dr. Barkman delivers the
Ordination Message and Exhorts the Candidates

Dr. Barkman prepares for
The Service of Ordination

Dr. Barkman ordains a
Regional Pastor / Superintendent

Dr. Barkman ordaining an Evangelist
in the first Arkansas meeting.

The Second Arkansas Meeting

The Pastor is exhorting the congregation...or is
he telling a joke... Is Dr. Barkman laughing???

The Church Choir sings a special
God moves by His Spirit in the service

Now this is Worship.. In HIS Presence
Is the Bishop tapping his foot????

Bishop Gary Barkman
Is the keynote speaker

Dr. Barkman Preaching
Praise The Lord