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More About Us
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Our Philosophy

Caring is Our Privilege.  We provide our residents with a warm welcome, a genuine smile, and superior care. We will always do what is right for your loved one. 

Honesty is the foundation of trust between people.
We will tell you the truth .

Integrity is living according to our values.
We will do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Work Ethic
Work Ethic is personal commitment to being dependable and hardworking.
We will contribute to the sucess of Caseyvill Manor for your sake and mine.


Accountability is taking responsibility for your actions.
We are responsible for producing positive results.

Respect is behaving in ways that demonstrate caring and consideration for all.
We will always live by the Golden Rule.

Trust is reliance on one's care givers.
We will be trustworthy.

Inportant facts about your care at Caseyville Manor
Nurse owned and operated
Private room and bath for each resident
Nurse or CNA on duty 24 hours a day
Federal background check provided
   Home health nurse visits.
Family and friends always welcome to visit residents.

Resident's private room with private bath


Caseyville Manor * 3482 Hwy 550 * Wesson * MS * 39191
12 miles west of hwy 51 on hwy 550, Brookhaven, MS

Google: Caseyville Manor, Wesson, Mississippi